Maximize space in your bathroom

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Maximize space in your bathroom

Dreaming of that perfect bathroom but only have a small space?
Improving the layout of your bathroom and making it functional is a dream worth realizing! Life’s too short to be frustrated every time you walk into your bathroom and trip over baskets or bang an elbow into your shower!

Follow these steps to maximize space in your bathroom!

Step 1: Work out what you value most in your bathroom. Do you like a large bath or large shower. Do you value the convenience of a double sink? Do you want extra storage?

Step 2: Measure up your area and sketch out a plan placing rough sizes of each item. Plan it on the ground with tape if required to get a 3D feel for the new space. Shower screen hacks are available using products like Pipers Dome Suite cutting off that corner for more walk way.

Adding a fixed panel is any easy fix to making a space functional without being a complete wet room.

Wall hung vanities add an open feel rather than blocked in with seamless lines.

Mirrors custom made can reflect light and open the space up!

Use as much as you can with a dual purpose e.g: mirrors to open a space with hidden storage behind it. A big lush bath tub with a shower and elegant bath screen. A toilet with a clever hidden in the wall cleaning brush holder. A vanity with clever open benchtops for make-up! These are just some ideas to being creative with space!

Step 3: Choose your colour pallete! Use Google, Insta and Pinterest for inspiration and designs. Find colours that make you happy and won’t be hard to look at for many years to come! We love a beautiful pattern constrasted with basic white!

Step 4: Choose your suppliers and trades!
Firstly, take a moment to think about how much of the project you will be able to complete yourself. Some products do specify that a licenced plumber or builder is required for the installation for warranty purposes.

List out the items that will require trades and the areas you are looking to do yourself. This will help in costing out the entire project.

Step 5: Get started!

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