Pipers Eco Wall System is
  • energy
  • efficient
  • compliant
strong and affordable.

Product Features

Multiple Applications

  • Residential Buildings
  • Apartments
  • Mezaninne Floors
  • Hotels & Hospitals
  • Offices & Partitioning
  • Elevator Shafts
  • Many more!

Smart Building

  • Fireproof
  • BCA Compliant
  • Light-weight solid sandwich panel
  • Rapid Construction
  • Good Thermal/solar rating
  • Recycleable

Build With Confidence

Pipers eco walls are fully compliant. Pipers have undergone critical testing to back highly advanced technology.
Exceptional bushfire rating, waterproofing & damp-proof tests!

Material Composition

Made from lightweight aggregate concrete mixed with foaming concrete and polystyrene particles. Between the panels the sides are fixed with the special joint sealing material of polymer mortar to cover the cracks and level process.


Energy conservation, thermal insulation, heat insulation, low-carbon building, improves indoor air.

Sheet Size

Easy to cut sheets:


and more...

Pipers International Green Sandwich Panel External Walling System is made up of a 75mm thick composite panel installed over horizontal steel top hat battens screwed to either steel or timber wall framing through breathable wall wrap.

Tongue and groove joining system which allows for faster construction

Green Sandwich Panel provides an impact resistant energy efficient barrier to the
elements with high thermal insulation properties.


Tongue + Groove


Separated diagram

We're excited about Pipers Eco Walls

High performance building materials revolutionising construction today.

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